About Sånus Sports Science

Founded by Greg Choat, Sånus Sports Science is the evolution is 40 years of competitive experience, education & application of science in exercise & sport.

We are dedicated to improving sports performance in all types of athletes using evidence informed program design & cutting edge technology

Sänus Sports offers consultancy services in the sports performance & sports technology development arena. With more than 30 years coaching experience across a wide range of sports and human movement education.

We can't make a new you, but we can certainly help create a better version of the current you.

Greg’s Story

Greg's passion for bike fitting grew from his own misfortune. Unable to ride a bike, walk or run following a back injury he sought out professionals to help address his issues. The answers he sought could not be found in the bike industry at the time so he looked to the wider health community.

His journey took him both eastern and western medical professionals, neurologists, kinesiologists, phycologists, chiropractors, physiotherapists, and some who's practice could not traditionally be described.

After 14 months of inactivity, he returned to competition with a new appreciation of the human body and the many ways it can function.