Footbeds to improve alignment, enhance performance and reduce pain


We provide custom molded and computer cut footbeds for sports performance and relief of foot, knee, hip and lower back pain.

Why use our Footbeds? Because we care about the way you move and we understand that your feet don’t need to hold you back.

Our Custom molded footbeds are made from the highest quality materials in a state of the art facility. We take the time to examine your foot function and the way in which you distribute load through your feet in both weighted and un-weighted stance.

What really stands us apart from everyone else is we understand movement. As humans we were meant to be in constant motion. Unless your feet are in the optimal position in your footwear and supported in the right manner your ability to move will be compromised.

We work with athletes from teenagers to senior citizens, people who want to enjoy the benefits of physical exercise. 

Our founder has 30 years experience coaching athletes in many different sports on how to move better, with more range and stay pain free. Even if you don’t consider yourself athletic the same principles of movement apply to you and ensuring your feet are not holding you back will allow you to move better and more often.

Contact us today to discuss the right support for your feet.